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Their fast widespread is supported by technological development especially in communication and information fields. One of effective ways to deal with radicalism is strengthening the family institution and optimizing its function in shaping the family members’ personality. Sadly, many families become less aware of their importance in exercising such noble function and task. Worse still, some recent radical actions in Indonesia even involved wives and children which reflect the failure of family institution in creating a peaceful and tranquil society where they live in. This paper tries to recall and re-understand the urgency of family institution to educate the family members in facing radicalism. This study is a library research employing the discourse analysis method. The results show that indeed the family institution plays a significant role in shaping their members’ personality and can contribute determinately in brushing radicalism aside and creating a peaceful society.</em></p> Munardji Munardji Iffatin Nur Copyright (c) 2020 Munardji, Iffatin Nur 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 8 1 1 30 THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ACADEMIC SUPERVISION BY MADRASA SUPERVISORS IN CIANJUR <p><em>This study aimed to analyze the planning and implementation of academic supervision conducted by madrasa supervisors. A qualitative approach with a descriptive method is applied to produce meaningful findings about the object under study. Data collection techniques used were interviews, documentation, and observation. Data analysis was performed with qualitative indicators. The results showed that the supervisors of madrasa in the Ministry of Religion in Cianjur had compiled an academic supervision program. Academic supervision is done by individual and group methods. The techniques applied include individual meetings, class observations, class visits, group discussions, training, and group meetings. The success of the academic supervision program is supported by the creation of a harmonious relationship between supervisors and teachers in understanding problems, obstacles, and agreeing on alternative solutions.</em></p> Rudi Ahmad Suryadi Copyright (c) 2020 Rudi Ahmad Suryadi 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 8 1 31 45 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY IN INTEGRATING SCIENCE AND RELIGION (CASE STUDY AT UIN MAULANA MALIK IBRAHIM MALANG) <p><em>This study aims to analyze the strategic management used by UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang in integrating science and religion, including formulation strategy, implementation process and evaluation conducted by the tertiary educational institutions. The method used is qualitative with descriptive analysis of case studies conducted in the field. The results of this study are divided into three. First, the formulation of strategies used by UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang includes the activities of making learning materials and applying integration in the daily behavior of the entire academic community. Second, strategy implementation is done by integrating Islamic values in the material, process and evaluation of learning. Third, strategy evaluation is carried out in two forms namely through the Employee Performance Target (SKP) and student satisfaction questionnaire.</em></p> Mohammad Ja'far As-Shodiq Copyright (c) 2020 Mohammad Ja'far As-Shodiq 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 8 1 46 61 STRATEGIC PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS <p><em>Strategic planning in educational institutions is the whole process in a mature thought and determination than the things that will be done in the future in order to achieve a predetermined goal. Strategic planning is a dynamic process that must be able to move the entire organization. In general, any organization can undertake strategic planning, but not all organizations need to do so. Management of human resources is a with drawal, selection, development, maintenance, and use of human resources to achieve both goals of individuals and organizations. The function of human resource management as well as general management functions. The purpose of human resource management can be formulated with an effort to leverage the resources both natural resources, capital resources and human resources to achieve goals effectively and efficiently both in terms of productivity or satisfaction in accordance with the values espoused..</em></p> Saiful Bahri Copyright (c) 2020 Saiful Bahri 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 8 1 62 84 CONSTRUCTIVISM OF NEUROSAINS-BASED IN BUILDING THE QUR'ANI CHARACTER OF SMP MUHAMMADIYAH I SLEMAN STUDENTS <p><em>The character of the Quran is formed to foster a good self-awareness of the child both in terms of character, honesty and discipline.The aim of this research is the implementation of the Alquran Read and Write program to the change in the character of students who are expected to become individuals who have the character of the Quran. BTAQ learning is carried out using the theory of constructive which involves the concept of neuroscience theory. This study uses descriptive qualitative by taking data through several stages, namely observation, interviews and documentation. Based on research that has kbeen conducted by researchers that Read the Qur'an is an effective way to develop children's character, starting with the habit of reading the Quran and understanding the values in the Quran.</em></p> Saibah Saibah Suyadi Suyadi Copyright (c) 2020 Saibah, Suyadi 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 8 1 85 95 THE SYSTEM OF ARABIC LANGUAGE LEARNING IN CONSTRUCTIVE PERSPECTIVE LANGUAGE <p><em>The principal issues are analyzed in this study are to determine the Learning System of Arabic Language Proficiency on Constructive Perspective at MTs N 1 Bantul and MTs Al Falaah Bantul. This research is a descriptive qualitative research through participatory observation. The sample of this research data is 7th grade. The results showed the system and practice of learning Arabic skills in MTs N 1 Bantul and MTs Al Falaah Bantul with a constructive perspective already practiced in each Arabic language proficiency. However, in the Arabic language learning process there are several obstacles, including the lack of student ability to read and wrote Arabic. In addition, the use of existing learning media has not yet been maximized. This obstacle can be overcome by extracurricular reading of the Koran, which is held every Friday at afternoon. As for the optimization of the use of instructional media, the teacher will try even harder to procure learning media.</em></p> Syamsul Hadi Copyright (c) 2020 Syamsul Hadi 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 8 1 96 111 TRANSFORMATION OF ASWAJA IDEOLOGY IN THE NAHDLATUL ULAMA PESANTREN (NU) <p><em>This article describes the transformation of Aswaja's ideology through the pesantren. History that can not be avoided is teaching in pesantren which is closely related to the sustainability of Aswaja's understanding. But unfortunately the studies that have emerged have still not identified intlectual biography carefully the architects of the pesantren and have not explained the core of their teachings. Therefore, this study tries to open the curtain of knowledge about Aswaja doctrine in Islamic boarding schools. The results of this study indicate that the spread of Aswaja's ideology embraced in the NU boarding school is caused by solidarity that has deep roots and the integrity of its pesantren kiai. The ideological sources are the legacy of Wali Songo and also the works of the pesantren kiai affiliated with Aswaja's understanding. The paradigm used is that the understanding of the concept of Aswaja is flexible and moderate, awareness forms the organization, and the doctrine of Usul Fiqh is developed..</em></p> Ahmad Sunoko Copyright (c) 2020 Ahmad Sunoko 2020-06-29 2020-06-29 8 1 112 128 ONLINE LEARNING CHALLENGES IN CENTRAL PANDEMIC VIRUS CORONA IN STAI MUHAMMADIYAH TULUNGAGUNG <p><em>The impact of preventing the spread of the corona virus was also felt in Tulungagung district, especially the Muhammadiyah Islamic University (STAI) Muhammadiyah Tulungagung which was an appeal to </em><em>learn</em><em> from home. Precisely the appeal is March 2020 the second week. So online learning must be implemented. Of course, in practice, challenges will be found in the implementation of online learning. So on this occasion the writer will analyze the challenges of online learning in the midst of the corona virus pandemic at STAI Muhammadiyah Tulungagung. The research approach used is descriptive qualitative. In this study the authors conclude that the challenges of online learning in the midst of the corona virus pandemic at STAI Muhammadiyah Tulungagung include: some lecturers lack mastery in using online learning media, in addition some lecturers and students have difficulty with internet network signals in their respective locations of residence, and also the use of internet quota more than before this online learning.</em></p> Mohammad Riza Zainuddin Copyright (c) 2020 Mohammad Riza Zainuddin 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 8 1 129 138 IMPLEMENTATION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS <p><em>Marketing education services is a social and managerial process to get what is needed and to chill through creating offers, exchanging valuable products with other parties in the field of education. The purpose of this study is to determine the implementation of marketing strategies in educational institutions. The research method used is a descriptive qualitative approach to the study of literature from books, journals and other sources. The results show that to create a synergistic relationship between educational institutions, the education service user is not only used as a customer, but is also positioned as a manager, and also as a partner. Education service users are involved in policy making and planning in education. Thus the user of educational services also determines the development of educational institutions that ultimately affect the development of children.</em></p> M. Asep Fathur Rozi Bustanul Arifin Copyright (c) 2020 M. Asep Fathur Rozi, Bustanul Arifin 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 8 1 139 154 THE METHODOLOGY OF DEVELOPMENT FOR LEARNING IMPLEMENTATION PLANNING IN THE INDUSTRIAL ERA 4.0 <p><em>learning is a plan that describes the procedures and management of learning to achieve one basic competency set out in the content standard and outlined in the syllabus. Therefore, this must be done seriously and not just to fulfill academic administrative requirements or just to please the supervisor. Since learning planning is an important step towards learning and achieving learning goals, it needs to be well prepared. amidst the demands of the times that continue to evolve and change as the industry era 4.0 today. Where teachers and educational institutions must really prepare the needs of skills and other expertise to improve the quality of the competence of students, and to determine it certainly requires a strategy. What is that strategy? Finesse is a way of working or doing things carefully / thoroughly.</em></p> Arif Wahyudi Copyright (c) 2020 Arif Wahyudi 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 8 1 155 165